Ridiculous R.M. Stallman Bashing

It is unbelievable but today a man that had attended an [RMS] talk not only is trying to defame him accusing him of making sexist jokes but also publishes the private correspondence between them about this matter. It is obviously clear that this man actually had a problem with the fact that the joke was actually targeted to religion (?his religion?). I really like the hypocrisy of the majority of religious people that demand their right to believe, but do not accept the fact that others do not, even more that they can "bend" their decency rules to fit their cause.
Dont get me wrong, I have never being a fan of [RMS] and his mantra that if its not GNU it shouldn't exist, but since I got stable decency "rules" I find this ridiculous and inflammatory and at least here it is illegal since he doesn't anywhere mention that he is posting the email with permission.

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yaai said...

"his mantra that if its not GNU it shouldn't exist"

Stallman has no such mantra; that's at least as dumb as (actually far dumber than) what the other guy wrote. Stallman simply has principles that he promotes; he has been quite explicit that other people have the right to promote other views. Since he believes in free software, he encourages people to develop and use free software, of which GNU is just one instance. He doesn't think that Linux shouldn't exist, but Linux isn't GNU (which is why he insists on "GNU/Linux"). His view is nothing like your ludicrous characterization.