Trac ticket dependencies through the MasterTicketsPlugin

The same day as my Trac Features post I received a message through Twitter from the author [kantrn] of MasterTicketsPlugin, initially I didnt like the idea of a "hack" to solve the problem but as kantrn said "MasterTickets is no more or less "official" than Trac itself." so I decided to give it a try. The plugin has a somewhat misleading name, at least to me it sounded like its a master/sub ticket plugin, ie to create sub tickets of a master ticket. In fact it is a ticket dependency plugin.
It introduces 2 new fields in the ticket form, one is Blocked By and the other is Blocking. You can see a Blocking ticket here:

When the ID of a Ticket is entered in Blocked By then the Blocking ticket is also updated.

Sample Blocking ticket from my project (VSNS) 
Sample Blocked By Ticket from my project (VSNS)
Inadition you also get a very nice dependency graph, which you can get from inside the ticket by selecting the Depgraph link at the top.

The dependency graph looks like this:

The only thing you need to do after installing the new plugin is include the column id's in your reports, I have them as my last 2 collumns
MaterTicketPlugin Column ID's


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