Small Update on VSNS

It took me almost 2 years to restart work on VSNS since I am busy at work but I finally started to work on it again, on a very slow pace mind you.

This is going to be a major release and it will have numerous changes and bug fixes, most of them though will be under the hood.

Major changes:
  • Subnetting, currently VSNS assumes always a /24 since it was originally designed to help in home networks. The next version will be able to identify the correct subnet and also provide helpfull tools (?IP Calc?, IP validation etc)
  • Update to the report engine, due to some changes in Win 7 SP1 & 8 although the scan finishes very fast, the reporting is done in a very slow pace. The report can take up to 10 seconds to finish. This will be fixed and I estimate a 1 sec delay for the report.
  • Better error reporting, the scanning engine has very generic errors, in some cases it reports that it cant finish a task while it actually does.
  • Ability to handle numerous IP's. It will now be able to first allow the user to select the Network to scan from the available networks and also automatically fill the most obvious network.
  • Address Map enhancements. First of all it will now work :) and also a few additions will be made (ie Range Capacity etc)
My goal is to have these done ASAP (2-3 months) and then slowly start working on the first Beta (Expect also some new features then, IPv6 Anyone :p).


My absolutely essential Android app list (Galaxy S)

Darky's ROM v9.3b1 XWJS5
Kernel: Voodoo stable 5.4.1 (

  • Kindle
  • Battle.net Authenticator
  • IMDB
  • Photoshop Express
  • Pulse
  • PowerAMP
  • SoundHound
  • Steam Mobile
  • TuneIn Radio
  • TVme.gr
  • XBMC Remote

  • Backup to Gmail
  • Call Informer
  • Call Log Calendar
  • Barcode Scanner
  • CSipSimple
  • KeePassDroid
  • PhoneUsage
  • Pure Calendar
  • Pure Grid Calendar
  • SpringPad
  • Traffic Counter
  • Xpenser
  • ClickaDroid SMS
  • GTasks
  • OpenOffice Document
  • SpiderOak

  • Connect Cat
  • ClockSync
  • AndFTP
  • BTEP
  • CIDR Calculator
  • HTTP Inspector
  • IP CAM Viewer
  • Overlook Fing
  • Overlook Whiz
  • SNMP Manager
  • aSolusLabs
  • aWHMCS
  • TeamViewer
  • WiFi Analyzer
  • PocketCloud
  • ServerAssistant

Development/Web Tools:
  • CatLog
  • SEO Stats
  • SuperMySQL
  • Celica Database
  • DroidAnalytics
  • openSUSE Build

  • 2 My TimeZone
  • ROM Manager
  • Bluetooth File Transfer
  • BLN Control Pro
  • Elixir
  • TaskKiller


Its awesome how spammers interpret law

It is once more a holiday period and as usual the amount of spam is increasing. What I noticed though this year is that spammers are quoting legislature to try to convince us that they are not spammers, which is kinda funny.

Must of these types of spammers quote 2002/31/CE and A5-270/2001 on the ability they give for the unsolicited email receiver to remove himself from the list by replying to an email address. What is funny about that is that three aforementioned legislation states that a) the removal must be done with an automatic process

b) any account must be able to be removed by the owner of the domain, but in case of an alias it is difficult and time consuming to send an email

c) they are only to send email only after the email address was added to the list using a double opt-in process

Lets see now what they will think of next year, especially since the Greek market has finally woke up and found about the magical Internetz.

Location : Επικελευστή Απ. Ασπρογέρακα 46-64, Athens 10444,
Posted from my phone


B&N Still limits ebooks to US only :-(

I kind of liked their Android app and it was released just in time, only a few days after the kindle, but why do they still have region limitations?  It seems ridicolous to me, and they have been doing that for some time now, last time I tried to buy a book from them for my phone about a year ago I stumbled on this. I hope they change their tactics soon, this isn't the period to limit your earnings with stupid DRM.


ISP(Tellas) rep claims they dont support https for Security Reasons

What a fun day I had yesterday, for a few hours I had been having problems connecting to trac and doing commits to my subversion host (Project Locker).
Initially I blamed the hosting service but a few hours latter mostly spent in reading my RSS feeds and not working I thought I would have to contact them and get this resolved.
My only thought then was of they way I would open a ticket if I couldnt access their tracker, but a few seconds after I entered the URL their main site was staring at me.
Obviouslly only some of their hosts were down but something prompted me to check again from another location, thus I ssh'ed to work and there it was, by some weird higher power w3m could access the host I had problem with, a few seconds latter and after some nmap probing I was sure the problem was from my ISP, I could access the host as long as I didnt want to go through port 443. Unfortunately for me projectlocker requires https on the default 443 port.
It was time to contact the dreaded support peons at my ISP.
About 20 minutes on the phone and 2 dropped calls I managed to talk to a rep, after asking for a detailed description of my problem and telling me off for choosing to use a CISCO router and zyxel modem instead of their easier and better single wan-lan modem/router I was asked to hold. While listening to a horible midi of some incomprehensible christmas carol for about 5 minutes, she reapeared on the line and triumphally informed me that they do not support https because its not secure.
Until that time I was extremely polite and sympathetic (Involuntarily promissed to Irene to allways be polite) to the so called technical support employee but after such a ridiculous responce I dont think I could respond with anything else than this
"wtf are you talking about, how the **** do you login to your bank you idiot?".

Although she didnt like my reaction ;p she took detailed notes about the problem including the traces from home and work and by magic about 1 hour latter everything worked fine.

Note: Since my report there is one less hop for ADSL users in athens to oteglobe. It seems someone needs help in setting up their BGP ;-P

Note1: Up to last year it was possible to escalate a ticket/call to level 2 and even further back to about 2 years ago you could even reach NOC, it seems Tellas is now working with the absolute necessary number of engineers, thus dropping the support quality to a game of chance. If your problem isnt solved by a router reboot or system format (yes they recomend a system format to solve almost everything) you are out of luck.


Linux wallpaper - Linux: Power @ your fingertips

This time the wallpaper isn't openSUSE specific, and once more its a quite dark theme. The main difference from my other wallpapers is that I used stock photography. This wallpaper comes in two sizes, 1600x1200 and 1920x1080, I plan to offer at least these 2 versions from now on for all wallpapers but I may be adding even more for latter ones for use on netbooks, PDA's and phones. Other than the wallpaper I also made a box with the same design (I plan to use it in future wallpapers).
To get these, visit my new graphics related page (Static)  or here for the 2009 wallpapers directly.

Published under the GPLv2 License, if you need it in another (open) license, just add a comment with the requested license and I will add it here :-) 


N900 looks AMAZING

After the stellar N810 Nokia is now going to release the N900 from the Hardware perspective it is a definite upgrade and not a mere update (contrary to the N810 to N800) but where it shines is software. 
Nokia's Maemo 5 (Code Name: Freemantle) is right now the most brilliant Linux Distro for mobile devices.
This is not an overestimation, it is open, it  has been tested not only in a lab but in the field with actual consumers (N810, N800 and N700 were the real life beta test)  and most importantly it is not someones wet dream, it is available now in a virtualised environment and .in less than a month in retail stores.
Nokia is tying the OVI services tight with Maemo which if done correctly will be the first Linux based OS to offer this kind of service, previously only found on platforms like Symbian and BlackBerry.

I was planning on keeping my E71 as my secondary phone but now the N900 will complement my E72, thats one less device to have with me(Now I have an E51, E71 and N810), not bad:-)

These 2 videos show off the new GUI.